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Whether your deposition is in person, remote, for one day or over several days, on the Gulf or in the Plains, we are there to provide a certified, verbatim transcript. We are licensed Certified Shorthand Reporters, an asset in your litigation tool kit. Our court reporters have passed demanding state tests and participate in ongoing continuing education to ensure you have the most qualified professional to facilitate and trust with your depositions, arbitrations, or courtroom proceedings.

Real-Time Captioning

Our real-time technology is the industry’s leading stenography-captioning tool resulting in immediate drafts and expedited transcripts.

RealLegal E-Transcripts & PDFs

Our transcripts are compatible with the RealLegal E-Transcript management system which ensures page and line integrity, tamperproof security through electronic signature, and a condensed PDF format with a word index allowing you to quickly access and summarize testimony that is vital to your case.

PDF Exhibits - OCR Compliant

Our PDF Exhibits are created in the highest quality, fitting industry standards for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) processing and searching in any system. Gazelle Court Reporting can create documents that fit the needs of any litigator that comply with court-designated standards.

Hearings and Arbitrations

If you need a Court Reporter in a hearing, arbitration, mediation, or anything else in the pre-trial process, we can provide those services. We provide a verbatim transcription and reporting service that can be used at any stage of litigation.

Deposition Transcript Repository

Using the RealLegal E-Transcript management system and industry best practices, Gazelle Court Reporting ensures you will always have access to your casefiles and documents. Never scramble looking for a transcript again!

Video-Synced Transcripts and Trial Edits

Our transcription service syncs easily with recorded video, allowing for fast, seamless editing in the war room as you prepare for trial or adjust your strategy in real-time.